Trivial II

I like the cube because it stays where it is,* I like the globe because it rolls!” Brancusi

A piece of rock under a strange light, the trunk of a tree, a bunch of wild flowers swaying in the wind in nature or more generally a plain, a river, a mountain do not initially offer us an adventure in humanity. Nature has the lead role. That image is only a small scene from the great and eternal film of nature. They were there before us; they will be there after us.
But in the city, or any place with human settlement, in everything bearing the slightest human trace, I feel a deep sense of melancholy.

A torn down wall piece, a graffiti on the wall, an empty bottle tossed out, a single shoe on the meadow. A piece of cloth stuck on the branches... You can go on forever. It shouts “there was a human being here; a human made this “Thing”, a human used it!”

Even the most desolate spots of cities we inhabit are filled with these “Trivial” things. These scenes which appear insignificant, meaningless assume meaning sometimes with the touch of magical light, sometimes with their random combination. Photographers are those most susceptible to this “mis-location”. A novelist would not describe an empty chair under a tree for nothing, not unless one of the characters is not going to go sit on it, or has just done so. But the photographer shoots this scene and presents it to you. He expects you to look at this photograph and write your own novel at that instant; to seat your own character on this chair.

This is why these photographs I present under the title “Trivial” is one of the series that excites me the most each time I go through my entire archive.

These photos shot by 6x12cm semi-panoramic camera on color negative film and scanned. Certificated and signed archival prints are available as limited edition (limited by 6). Print size 100x150cm maximum, but can be variable upon request. Contact the photographer for price.