La Strada

I never had a car! I don’t have a driver’s license either. But thankfully I have many friends who own cars. We’ve traveled through Anatolia many times. I love to keep babbling to the driver, as I’m sitting in the passenger seat observing both sides of the road with the camera in my hand. The photographs in this set give you a sense of the amazing things one can see, merely by being on the road. The title is from the unforgettable Fellini movie, “L’astrada”. Endless streets! Anthony Quinn was amazing in this black and white film, but I had fallen in love with Juliette Messina.

These photos shot by 35mm And 6x7cm cameras on black&white negative film and scanned. Print size variable upon request (50x60cm dark room prints also available, printed and signed by photographer). Contact the photographer for price.