Istanbul Panorama

In 2003, with the objective of avoiding repeating myself or slightly changing my photographic habits, I borrowed a 6x17cm. middle format panoramic camera from a friend and started shooting photographs with it. Honestly, I was not very happy with the initial results. I had grown so accustomed to 35 mm. Leica (M6) and 35mm. “Summicron” objective over the last 20 years, it took me a long time to get used to this new camera and format. But the first thing I noticed with the change of my habits was that my attention was sharpening in reverse proportion to my decreasing speed.

About six months later, I made series of prints and began to show them to my friends. (In those years Alex Webb, Nikos Economopoulos, Josef Koudelka and Harry Gruayert from Magnum either stayed at my house when they came to İstanbul or dropped by on occasion.) Considering their comments together with my own evaluation, I finally decided to go on. I would photograph İstanbul, the city I live in, with this camera with the aim of publishing a book and opening an exhibition.

The project –exactly as in the Silk Road project- lasted three years with an ever-growing passion. Going out on the street with the huge camera in my hand almost every day, I shot almost 3000 rolls of film. There was no shore, no street I didn’t go out and see. There came such a moment that I thought this project could continue till the day I died. Finally one day I said “enough!” and put my camera back in the bag never to lay hands on it again.

These photos shot by 6x17cm panoramic camera on black&white negative film and scanned. Certificated and signed archival prints are available as limited edition (limited by 10). Print size 50x150cm maximum, but can be variable upon request. Contact the photographer for price.