Dream Curtain

Attempting to see what is behind semi-transparent or tulle curtains appears to be an orientalist instinct at first glance. To lift the veil, to look at the languid gaze of the beautiful face underneath! Lifting the tulle to see the bare skin!

I have taken so many photographs with tulle and curtains since I began to take photographs in 1986. When I collected them all, I thought “I wonder if there is an image in my subconscious that can explain this? From my childhood, the city, the house I grew up in?” Of course I found the answer to this question in a matter of minutes!

The basic instinct that turned me into a tulle curtain hunter stemmed from the countless joyful nights spent on the roofs of our one storey house in the hot and humid summer nights of Adana under mosquito nets to defend against the mosquito attacks. I remember as if it were yesterday how we tried to read with my brother by reflecting the streetlight to the mosquito net with a mirror on the roof, or how we watched our neighbors make love under the semi-dark net in the middle of the night, or how we tried to make out the moving silhouettes. How can one forget the erotic associations of hot summer nights?

These photos shot by 35mm And 6x7cm cameras on black&white negative film and scanned. Print size variable upon request (50x60cm dark room prints also available, printed and signed by photographer). Contact the photographer for price.