Visual arts began with the first line cave men drew on the walls in Neolithic days! This was followed by the first original print, made by tracing hands dipped in colorful mud on the walls. But these people will have to wait another 30000 years to take the first photograph. I don’t remember when I started to draw. In Adana, a city in southern Turkey where I spent my childhood, our house was surrounded by horses, carts and coachmen. Drawing sketches of these dark tanned people, horses, and horse carts in under stark light of the sharp Mediterranean sun was like a magical game. I remember deciding to be a painter when I was only 11 or 12. Years later, when I was asked to draw a horse carriage from memory at the entrance exams for the İstanbul State Academy for Fine Arts, I realized that this was my destiny. I would build my life upon looking and seeing.

These artworks are belong the artist’s private collection and not for sale